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Online Training Programs for Caregivers

Family and professional caregiver online training

What Does It Mean to be a Caregiver | Dignity and Ability in Senior Care

Supporting Non-Medical Home Care Providers

From your first day, providing home care can be exciting. In this course, CareAcademy instructors discuss what it means to provide ethical, top-quality care for older adults. Prepare for the many roles that an at-home care provider plays, and the challenges that all elder caregivers face. Learn practical skills of professionalism and organization. Instruction on how to interact with clients and their families about care responsibilities. Self-paced online classes designed for non-medical home care providers, helping caregivers develop a philosophically-rich care plan.

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Senior services care manager training focused on personal care

Maintaining a Clean, Safe & Healthy Environment | Promoting Health-Focused Senior Care Services

Environmental Procedures, Sanitation Guidelines

Older adults can be susceptible to illness and injury. In this course, CareAcademy instructors discuss in-depth the industry-professional practices and medical and occupational health and safety guidelines that caregivers need to know. Prevent disease and injury by maintaining an environment that is safe, clean, and pleasant for both patient and caregiver. Learn basic medical treatments and emergency wound care. Discuss advanced and enhanced cleaning techniques. Engage with practical tips and advice for everyday use. Targeted caregiver training designed for non-professionals offering at-home senior care services.

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Care courses for all senior home care services

Emergency Procedures | Providing Confidence to Guide Action

Learn to What to Do, How to Do It, and When

An urgent situation can happen at any moment. In this course, CareAcademy professionals discuss how to remain calm and controlled during emergency situations. Prepare for medical emergencies, injuries, allergic reactions, behavior episodes, “wandering,” and more. Fast, knowledgeable action saves lives. Get the tools you need to provide educated senior assistance in any situation. Review everything from emergency planning, to CPR methods and epi-pen administration. Sophisticated, engaging elearning designed to teach non-professional, non-medical caregivers to confidently manage any emergency.

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Elder care services worker discussing legal care plan

Older Adults Rights | Care to Protect Every Person

Confidentiality, Accountability, and Legal Responsibilities of Caregivers

The ethics of being a caregiver are complicated, and vital to your work every day. In this course, CareAcademy professionals describe the laws on patients’ rights to privacy, security, and excellent care. Geriatric specialist consultants across multiple fields expand on topics of HIPAA, confidentiality, and protecting elders from neglect and harm. Learn about power of attorney, decision making for medical care, and family involvement in elder care treatments. Straightforward and engaging online learning designed to address common professional and family caregivers questions about clients’ rights.

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Home care solutions to help adults with daily activities

Assisting with Activities of Eldercare Daily Living and Personal Care

Bathing, Transportation, Companionship, Dining Guidelines

As some people age, they lose capacity to care for their daily needs. In this course, CareAcademy instructors detail the day-to-day functions essential to eldercare duties. Become familiar with non-medical procedures and proper guidelines for helping older adults with skills like eating, bathing, and aspects of personal hygiene. Learn tricks to foster companionship, time management, and scheduling duties. The most popular of our engaging online training courses, designed to guide you through the need-to-know basics for every family and professional caregiver.

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Eldercare online classes for advanced caregiver knowledge

Assisting with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living | Promoting Self-Care

Advanced Homecare Assistance to Foster Independence

Many older adults retain their independence. In this course, CareAcademy professionals instruct through detailed lessons on how to support clients who remain capable of caring for themselves physically but who need help with managing other daily activities. Homecare assistance for these clients may include nutritious meal preparation, community engagement, medication management, and financial record keeping. Learn skills to manage and strengthen individual skills of self-care. Outstanding caregiver certification online designed to focus on non-physical homecare assistance skills.

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Female Neighbor Giving Senior Woman A Lift In Car

Female Neighbor Giving Senior Woman A Lift In Car

Safety Precautions | Aggressive Behavior, Fall Prevention, Safe Transfers


Keep Working and Living Conditions Safe

Safety is the top concern of any caregiver. In this course, CareAcademy professionals instruct how to detail with safety concerns in elder care services. We discuss both safety for caregivers as well as clients, including safe transfers in and out of vehicles and how to manage aggressive client behavior. Falling can be particularly detrimental to older adults, and this course specifically addresses safety precautions and preventing falls. An enhanced caregiver webcourse, designed to benefit everyone in elder care services.

Adult services eldercare professional helps patient with hearing aid.

Communication Skills | Handling Disability, Hearing Loss, and Memory Trouble

Effective Communication for Best Adult Services

Communication skills are vital to a successful relationship with every client. In this course, CareAcademy eldercare professionals instruct details of multiple approaches to effective communication. From discussing personal information and caregiving needs to clients in general, to alternate and creative communication techniques for clients with hearing loss, disabilities, memory or cognitive obstacles, or other challenges. Increase your ability to converse meaningfully and productively with all your adult services clients. Engaging classes online designed to deliver practical tips and applications for communication theory in day-to-day life.

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Protecting clients from elder abuse is a sign of quality home care

Elder Abuse & Neglect | Quality Home Care Is About Caring

Prevent Abuse and Protect People

Abuse and neglect in eldercare are devastating. In this course, CareAcademy instructors detail how to identify elder abuse and how to respond. Abuse takes many forms, including emotional, physical, financial exploitation, sexual harassment, and neglect. Prevent abuse through respectful quality home care. Identify signs of abuse, and protect your clients from harm. Learn the proper steps for reporting abuse and neglect to a supervisor or the authorities. Professional online training designed to enhance the best care with education on ethical and legal guidelines for caregiving.

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Online training programs for caregiver certification

Family In Home Senior Care Basics

Teaching basic skills that all caregivers should master.

This course track includes the following classes:

  • Being a Family Caregiver
  • Managing Common Daily Living Issues
  • Understanding Memory Impairment and Dementia
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors
  • Your Rights as a Family Caregiver
  • Decision-Making, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Directives
  • Where to Find Help and How to Ask for Help
  • Self-Care/Avoiding Caregiver Stress
  • Properly Transporting and Moving the Person You Care For

Specialized training in dementia care and communication techniques

Eldercare Soft Skills: Professionalism and Communication

Teaching important skills that enhance all caregiver abilities.

This course track includes the following classes:

  • Time Management for Professional Success
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Working in a Team and Building Trust
  • Self-Care & Avoiding Caregiver Stress
  • Communicating With An Older Client
  • Communicating With Your Client’s Family
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Communicating with Your Agency and What to Expect
  • Cultural Competency and Soft Skills

Caregiver classes for California state elder care providers

Homecare California Compliance Certificates

Certifying California caregivers with this specialty tailored bundle of classes.

This course track includes the following classes:

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Essential Skills

Teaching advanced skills to make caregiving extraordinary.

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Teaching the most advanced skills to make any experienced caregiver into a superstar.

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Caregiver Update & Certification Renewal

Training to keep certified caregivers up to date on all licensing.

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